Twitter Doesn’t Like Power Users Anymore

walled garden

Twitter’s also looking into getting a guard dog.

Twitter is getting all snobby. Apparently cutting off tweets to LinkedIn was only the beginning to Twitter creating a walled garden just like Facebook.

Twitter stated in their post that “we’ve already begun to more thoroughly enforce our Developer Rules of the Road with partners” and that “we will be introducing stricter guidelines around how the Twitter API is used.” Twitter has been slowly restricting access to the Twitter API for the past several years through rate limiting (a limit on the number of API calls an application can request per hour) and specific data limitations like Twitter history.


But, Twitter’s also adding a bunch of fancy features to iOS to appeal to power users.

Twitter for iPhone 4.3 is incoming and it brings several new features focusing on interactivity, enhanced notifications, searching, performance, and more.

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By the way we weren’t’ supposed to know about this, but it kinda got leaked out due to a bug in iOS 6. Oops.

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