Man that was weird … we kinda went through an alternate time loop kind of thing.

Anyway let’s talk about some tech stuff for fun!

Oh nothing interesting is happening right now. Well let’s count down the days until Apple’s WWDC.


Okay this post was a success. Let me see if I get back into this blog thing again. It’s time for some PB&J sandwiches.

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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

large_4793141518HTML5 looks to be the overwhelming favorite development platform of choice for mobile developers, according to a new study by Kendo UI, which makes an HTML5 toolkit for mobile web development. Already, 50 percent of developers have developed in HTML5, and 90 percent plan to use the technology in 2013.

What about native-only solutions?

Only 15 percent of developers would go native-only when building an app for multiple platforms, a stat that might be a little shocking to those witnessed Facebook famously and loudly abandoning HTML5 development last year in favor of a faster, smoother, better native app experience.

See the infographic: What developers do with HTML5

“Most developers were not impacted by that Facebook decision,” Kendo UI EVP Todd Anglin told me yesterday. “One thing that gets overlooked often in the Facebook news is that Facebook hasn’t abandoned HTML5 at all … just changed their use of it.”

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The End of the Beginning: A PS4 Tale

PlayStation brand logo

No Sony, this is not how you do a press conference. You don’t just say we’re going to do a press conference to show off our new awesome video-game console, but we’re not going to show you what it looks like.

After showing us tons of awesome looking games, Sony straight up denied us the console. We have specs, we’ve seen the controller, but we haven’t seen the box. Or triangle, or orb, or whatever this non-existent hardware for the PlayStation 4 might look like. — Gizmodo

Also, is the PS3 even dead yet? I could have sworn that system had just came out. Oh, wait that was back in 2006 when people still played console games. I spent three days straight playing something called Beastie Bay on my damn iPad. I haven’t touched a console since 2012 and that was years ago.

The PS4 is arriving amid declines in video game hardware, software and accessory sales. Research firm NPD Group said game sales fell 22 percent to $13.3 billion in 2012. With the launch of the PS4, Sony is looking to attract audiences who may have shifted their attention to games on Facebook, tablet computers and mobile phones. — AP

Ok, let’s look at what did happen at the Sony press conference:

— Engadget

Well, until the PlayStation 4 gets here I’m going to go play Fruit Ninja or something. If you want to learn the details of Sony’s latest system then check out what the folks at Polygon have put together.

Apple Goes Full Asshat: Announces iPad Mini Event Same Week Microsoft Surface Announced

  • Apple sends out invites to press for an October announcement.
  • Rumors suggest Apple will debut an iPad mini (a 7-in iPad).
  • Microsoft revealed Microsoft Surface prices starting at $499 – $699.
  • The battle of the tablets begins.

     Microsoft’s Floor Surface tablet is almost ready to be sold. It comes out this month and now we know how much the damn thing will cost.

     Not to be outdone Apple had their own special announcement to make:

Apple on Tuesday announced a special event to be held on October 23, 2012 in San Jose. The event is scheduled to take place at 10:00 am PT. — The Loop.

Gee, isn’t that a coincidence that Apple said that they’re going to have an announcement next week the same week the Surface is announced? If you said yes I’m very upset with you. Haven’t you learned that conspiracy theories aren’t really theories? They’re just facts that nobody can prove.
Of course, I’d be really worried if my name was Amazon or Google right now. A smaller iPad is going to be right in their backyard and taking a dump over profits.

Bonus douche points to Apple if they can manage to crank out those iPad minis on October 26 the same day the Surface goes on sale.

Amazon Kills Kindle DX In Cold Blood

Amazon Quietly Discontinues the Kindle DX

About a week ago I posted about how Amazon had cut the price of the Kindle DX from $379 to $299. As expected it was indeed a final sale to eliminate stock, because the Kindle DX is no longer available for purchase from Amazon; it’s only being sold used through third party merchants. – The eBook

Oh no, first the 17-inch macbook pro and now this behemoth of plastic and an e-ink screen. Is this the end of gigantic tech devices?



Softbank Wastes Money: Buys Sprint

     Before I start talking about this story, let me point out that Sprint website crashed when the news hit.

The news appears to have crashed the Sprint website. At least for now the site is only appearing in plain text and is taking time to load any updates, such as the link for the webcast (which it hastily announced at 2am Eastern time) to announce the news. – Seeking Alpha


I think their first demand in negotiations was a new server. Now let’s talk about this crap.

Sprint, the cell phone company that is neither AT&T or Verizon, is getting bought by the Japaneez. Which just goes to show you that America literally fails at everything nowadays. Now, the first thought you might be having is “what will I have for dinner tonight?” Well, I can’t answer this, but I can tell you what the big deal about this news is.


SoftBank will invest $20.1 billion in Sprint, consisting of $12.1 billion to be distributed to Sprint stockholders and $8.0 billion of new capital to strengthen Sprint’s balance sheet. Through this transaction, approximately 55% of current Sprint shares will be exchanged for $7.30 per share in cash, and the remaining shares will convert into shares of a new publicly traded entity, New Sprint. Following closing, SoftBank will own approximately 70% and Sprint equity holders will own approximately 30% of the shares of New Sprint on a fully-diluted basis. — Sprint press release


In human-speak that means “Softbank is saving Sprint’s ass.” For pretty much ever, there’s been two cell phone companies in America and some other small mom and pop wireless companies. Sprint was number three, but it sucked and didn’t have any money to pay off debts. Now, it has a sugar daddy to help it remain at the number three spot.